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Street Sweeping

Street Scene In the spring season of each year the Department of Public Works (DPW) start its Street Sweeping Program. The Program begins April 1 and ends November 30, dependent upon weather conditions.


The goal of the Street Sweeping Program is to clean Pittsburgh streets on a regular basis, by either machine sweeping, hand cleaning, or flushing. The goal is accomplished by distributing various levels of services throughout the business and neighborhood community areas.


The main component in providing an effective street cleaning
program is to schedule services properly. Many of the City's neighborhoods have little off­street parking and having the cars moved is not easily accomplished. Cleaning the business districts at night solves this problem because business activity is minimal and parking restrictions in the business areas afford DPW the opportunity to sweep these routes without interruption. Neighborhood areas, on the other hand, present a different problem in that cars are normally parked throughout the night and begin to clear out after 8:00 a.m. in the morning which affords us the best opportunity to sweep residential streets during daylight hours. In areas where alternative side of the street parking is not available, street flushing is effective.


The program will have four levels of service:

Level 1 ­ Heavily developed commercial and central business districts with considerable vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Streets will be swept and flushed at least twice per week.

Level 2 ­ Neighborhood business districts and main streets with moderate vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Streets will be swept or flushed once per week.

Level 3 ­ Residential areas with limited throughway and pedestrian traffic. Streets will be swept once or twice per month.

Level 4 ­ Neighborhood streets which are used for local purposes only. Streets will be swept or flushed two to four times per year.

Department of Public Works supervisory staff closely monitors the street cleaning program effectiveness to ensure the maximum amount of service is being rendered, and the goals of the program are being met.  The cooperation and understanding of the residents of Pittsburgh will be greatly appreciated and necessary for a successful program.

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