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Special Event Recycling (412-255-2631)

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Special Event Recycling

Organizers of all special and community events that expect 200 or more individuals per day are required, under City Code 619, to recycle beverage containers such as glass, plastics, aluminum and steel cans (co-mingled material), and corrugated cardboard.  You can either (1) hire a private hauler to collect your recycling, (2) self-haul recyclables collected at your event to a City of Pittsburgh recycling drop-off or a recycling processor, or (3) contact the City of Pittsburgh Recycling Division to determine logistics for the City to collect recycling at the end of your recycling event. 

The City of Pittsburgh’s Recycling Division is available to assist you in recycling at your event.  Assistance may range from help to determine logistics for recycling to loaning collection equipment or providing collection at end of your event. However, event organizers must organize volunteers or provide staff for the collection, maintenance and supervision of containers during your event.  Contact the Recycling Division at 412-255-2631 for more details. 

Tips for packaging materials for collection:

Corrugated cardboard – break down and flatten all empty corrugated boxes.  Place them on a pallet behind your booth or at designated collection point.

Co-mingled materials – includes all beverage bottles and containers.   Set out clearly labeled “recycling” bins throughout event area for patrons to recycle bottles and cans. Service bins regularly; collect filled liners; and place them into a larger trailer or dumpster away from main event area.





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