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Recycling is mandatory for every resident, business, office and institution in the City of Pittsburgh (City Code 619). Your recycling not only helps the City to recover valuable resources and save energy, but it also generates revenue and saves on landfill costs.

Tonnages reported by private haulers, businesses and institutions also enable the City to attract more funding from the State. The City’s Bureau of Environmental Services provides curbside recycling collection for residences, multi-family units and non-profit institutions that complete a service agreement form with the City.

The City also provides a recycling drop-off service for residences and small businesses. For more details, check the links below or call the Recycling Division at 412-255-2631.

Important Recycling Information

Electronic Equipment Disposal - Effective Jan 1, 2013, the City will no longer collect televisions, computers and computer peripherals at the curb. This is because the State of Pennsylvania has banned these items from landfills (see the Covered Devices Recycling Act (CDRA), Pa Act 108 of 2010). Computer peripherals include monitors, keyboards, mice, external drives, printers and other devices exclusively plugged into a computer. Do not place these items at the curb or you may be cited. These items must be taken to an electronics retail store or collection location where they will be collected for recycling purposes. For more information on the new CDRA Act or a more comprehensive list of recyclers, please visit the DEP website at

Telephone Book Recycling - city residents may now recycle telephone books curbside on scheduled recycling days.

Residential and Apartments (5 or less units) Recycling

All residents of the City of Pittsburgh must separate recycle items from household trash and package them for bi-weekly recycling curbside collection or take them to a City recycling drop-off center.

Collection Schedules

To find out your collection day,
please call Environmental Services at 412-255-2773.

Business, Institution, Apartments (6 or more units) and Commercial Recycling

The operator of every business establishment located within the City of Pittsburgh must establish a program to recycle high grade office paper, plastic bottles, corrugated cardboard, aluminum cans and leaf waste, where applicable.

Special Event Recycling

Organizers of all special and community events that expect 200 or more individuals per day are required, under City Code 619, to recycle beverage containers such as glass, plastics, aluminum and steel cans (co-mingled material), and corrugated cardboard.

Drop-off Recycling

The City has several recycling drop-off centers where residents can take other recyclables in addition to items collected curbside. Small businesses may utilize the Strip District Recycling Drop-Off Center.

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Winter 2014

National Take-Back Initiative: April 26, 2014 10AM to 2PM

  • Search by zip code for a collection site near you
  • A permanent drop off Medication Collection Box is located in the foyer of Police Headquarters, at 1203 Western Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233. The foyer area is open to the public at all hours. Medications should remain in the original packaging or sealed containers. If possible, the labels on prescription medication should be kept on the container and any personal information removed or crossed out.

Safely dispose of common household chemicals PDF Graphic - North Park
Swimming Pool Parking Lot
Saturday, May 3, 2014
9am - 1pm

Hard-to-Recycle Collection Event PDF Graphic - Galleria at Pittsburgh Mills
Parking lot near Dingbats
Saturday, April 5, 2014
9am - 1pm

Electronic Equipment Disposal - Effective Jan 1, 2013, the City will no longer collect televisions, computers and computer peripherals at the curb.

Cans for Pets

Adult Education Workshops - Learn about backyard composting, rain barrels and more.

Freon Appliance Drop-Off PDF Graphic - Drop off old, broken or unwanted air conditioners, refrigerators and other major appliances that contain Freon.

Volunteers Wanted - Here is your opportunity to be the Buster the Recycling Raccoon mascot at upcoming city events.PDF Graphic

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