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Pothole Patching

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Pothole Patching

A pothole occurs when there is a small failure in the road surface, and if left unattended, it will start to degrade the road surface. Pothole patching is a year round activity which is performed by the Maintenance Divisions. Each of the Divisions are responsible for handling all the pothole patching complaints and requests that are received in their respective areas. Each Division has one or two asphalt crews that perform the work. Some examples of patching work performed include:

  • Pothole patching.Roadway gutter installation and or repair (to help water drainage from road surface).Windrow installation or repair (a "Windrow" is an asphalt curb placed along the side of the street to aid in drainage).  Small intersection installation.
  • Small alley paving (paving of an ally way or area too narrow for paving equipment). 

Hot Asphalt Patching

During the summer months, the asphalt crews from the Maintenance Divisions use Hot Mix Asphalt produced by the Asphalt Plant to patch potholes. On a typical day, each asphalt crew will receive two loads of Hot Mix Asphalt.  Each load will weigh between 2-3 tons.  Annually, the Maintenance Divisions receive tons of asphalt for Hot Patching.

Cold Weather Patching

In the winter months, when production of Hot Mix Asphalt is not possible, the Maintenance Divisions use Cold Patch (which is produced by the City's Asphalt Plant) for pothole patching (Please see the Cold Patch description in the Paving Processes section for details on this material).  Unlike Hot Mix asphalt which must be applied while hot, Cold Patch can be stock piled and used when needed.  Stock pile locations for Cold Patch include:

  • The  Maintenance Divisions.
  • The Asphalt Plant (bulk storage).
  • Heth Run (City of Pittsburgh storage facility in Highland Park for bulk Storage.

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