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Pittsburgh Valentines

10 Most Unique Reasons

Cameron Greenaway, Baldwin/Whitehall

In Pittsburgh, KIDS CAN..... See a live polar bear swim right over your head - Pittsburgh Zoo; pretend the dinosaurs are alive - Carnegie Museum of Natural History; ride the Jackrabbit 3 times in a row at the coolest park ever - Kennywood ; KIDS CAN...Grow up in a city that is one big playground for fun!

Sara Sjoberg, Downtown

When I moved here in 2006, the city and her people welcomed me with open arms. Pittsburghers are so nice and outgoing. I quickly felt at home and made awesome new friends. I love the fact that I’m a happier, nicer person as a result of living here.

Toni Staab, McKees Rocks

My great grandfather had made from a lump of coal a small heart with a flower etched and filled with coal dust; a love token for great grandmother. Relevant because his work that put clothes on our backs and food on our table was compacted in a symbol around her neck. I love that a lump of coal taken from my mother city's heart was in a shape of a heart. I love Pittsburgh because of my, tradition, heard work...and love all tied to her. My answer is over 50 words...and I don't care.

Rebecca Davidson-Wagner, Greenfield

I love Pittsburgh because....

From the top of the mount to the hollows of the run,

Through wind, snow, and floods, in the glimmering sun…

A new surprise awaits me o’er bridge and former smoke stack…

When I’m away, I long for the day, when those sweet tunnels welcome me back.

Tony Griffith, Brookline

Who doesn't love spilling a little IC Light on their Big Ben jersey while eating a Primanti's sammich cheering on the Stillers because they were texting their buddy to meet them in Sa'side at Jack's to celebrate beating dem' Brownies. That is true love.

Ricky Walters, Overbrook

P - Pierogies I - Inclines T - Theater and the arts T - Thunderbolt S - Steelers B - Bridges U - Universities R - Rivers G - Golden Triangle H - Historic neighborhoods

Sara Maruccio, Banksville

Pittsburgh is a “Goldilocks” city—it’s NOT TOO…not too big, not too small; not too spread-out, not too compact; not too hectic, not too laid-back; not too aloof, not too intrusive; not too exotic, not too provincial. Goldilocks would be happy here, and so am I. It’s JUST RIGHT!

Shalin BhanDari, Bridgeville

Why do I love Pittsburgh? I love Pittsburgh because I love the Mellon Arena, our sports teams, the Incline, museum, and Mellon building. The three rivers is neat. I like going to Macy’s and the Macy’s bakery shop, the decorations they did on Christmas, the musical fountain, the zoo we have and the skyline, I love Pittsburgh a lot!

Vicki McCue, Carrick

I love Pittsburgh because it “bridges” all that is important to my heart. Pittsburgh’s a place where great-grandparents came and grandparents remained. A home parents maintained so that we could sustain that Pittsburgh bridge for our grandchildren. Family, friends, education, cultures, value, hopes and cures are the bridge to the heart of Pittsburgh

Greg Null, Greenfield

Every morning people line up and quietly wait for the huge doors to open at their Carnegie Library in Oakland. That is what I love about Pittsburgh.


John Dugan, Brookline

I was a wide-eyed teenager from Masontown coming to Pittsburgh to work and graduate high school. Became a mailman for 36 years; served overseas, WWII (North Africa, India, etc.)… Married… Now 94, living in Pittsburgh, my dream, my life, my love… Little Johnny overcame the odds of being a coal miner’s son.

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