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Permits and Licenses  

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The following is an alphabetical list of many licenses and permits issued by the City of Pittburgh.  Please click on a license or permit name to go directly to information pertaining to it.

Alarm Permit (Public Safety & Finance)
Amusement Places & Producers License (BBI)
Antique or Second-Hand Dealer's License (BBI)
Assembly/Educational Occupancies Permit (Fire Bureau)
Blasting/Explosives Permit (Fire Bureau)
Bowling Lanes Permit (Fire Bureau)
Building Permit (BBI)
Building Permit Fees ( BBI)
Bulk Storage Permit (Fire Bureau)
Burglar Alarm Permit (Public Safety & Finance)
Calcium Carbide Permit (Fire Bureau)
Carnival or Street Fair License (BBI)
Cellulose Nitrate Plastics Permit (Fire Bureau)
Central Station Permit (Fire Bureau)
Combustible Fitters Permit (Fire Bureau)
Commercial Hood System Permit (Fire Bureau)
Commercial Refuse Hauler License (BBI)
Compressed Gases Permit (Fire Bureau)
Contractor's License (BBI)
Corrosives Permit (Fire Bureau)
Crop Ripening & Color Processing Permit (Fire Bureau)
Cryogenic Liquids Permit (Fire Bureau)
Curb Cut Permit (Public Works)
Day Care/Child Care Facilities Permit (Fire Bureau)
Design of New City Street (Public Works)
Demolition Dumpster Permit (Public Works)
Demolition Permit (BBI)
Dispensing Nozzles Permit (Fire Bureau)
Dog License Application (Finance)
Dust Explosion Hazard Permit (Fire Bureau)
Electrical Permit (BBI)
Encroachment Permit (Public Works)
Event (Special) Permit License (Mayor)
Field Permit (Public Works)
Fire Alarm Permit (BBI)
Fire Protection Systems Permit (Fire Bureau)
Firewatch Permit (Fire Bureau)
Fireworks Permit (Fire Bureau)
Flame/Comb Liquids in Stationary Tanks Permit (Fire Bureau)
Flammable Finishes Permit (Fire Bureau)
Flammable Liquids Permit (Fire Bureau)
Fumigation/Insecticides Permit (Fire Bureau)
Haunted Houses Permit (Fire Bureau)
Hazardous Materials Transportation Permit (Fire Bureau)
HMM Facilities Permit (Fire Bureau)
HVAC Permit (BBI)
Junk Dealer License (BBI)
Key Box Permit (Fire Bureau)
Land Operation Permit (BBI)
License Information (BBI)
Lumber Yard/Woodworking Plants Permit (Fire Bureau)
Manufacture/Process Flame/Comb Liquids Permit (Fire Bureau)
Matches Permit (Fire Bureau)
Mechanical Amusement Device License (BBI)
Motion Pictures, Theaters, etc. (BBI)
New Street Name Request (Public Works)
Occupancy Permit (BBI & City Planning)
Oil/Gas Wells Permit (Fire Bureau)
Open Burning Permit (Fire Bureau)
Organic Coatings Permit (Fire Bureau)

Parade License (BBI)
Parking Lot License (BBI)
Parking Permit Program for Residents (City Planning)
Pawnbroker License (BBI)
Pet License Application (Finance)
Pool Hall License (BBI)
Power (formerly Stationary) Engineering License (BBI)
Public Dance Halls and Dances License (BBI)
Remove Paint With Torch Permit (Fire Bureau)
Residential Parking Permit (City Planning)
Security Alarm Permit (Public Safety & Finance)
Sign Contractor License (BBI)
Sign Permit (BBI)
Solicitation (Tag Day) License (BBI)
Special Event Permit License (Police)
Stationary (now Power) Engineer License (BBI)
Storage of Class 1 Flammable Liquids Permit (Fire Bureau)
Storage of Class II/III Combustible Liquids Permit (Fire Bureau)
Storage of Welding Cylinders Permit (Fire Bureau)
Street Address Assignment (Public Works)
Tank Installing, Altering, or Repairing Permit (Fire Bureau)
Telecommunications Licenses (CIS)
Tents/Air-Supported Structures Permit (Fire Bureau)
Torch Applied Roofing Permit (Fire Bureau)
Trade Fair License (BBI)
Traffic Obstruction Permit (Public Works)
Transient Merchant License (BBI)
Transportation of Combustible Liquids Permit (Fire Bureau)
Utility Cuts - Street/Sidewalk Opening (Public Works)
Vacation of City Street (Public Works)
Vehicle Repair Shop Permit (Fire Bureau)
Vendors (BBI)
Warm Air Heating Contractor License (BBI)
Waste Handling Permit (Fire Bureau)
Welder's License (BBI)
Welding or Cutting Permit (Fire Bureau)
Wrecking, Junk Yard, Waste Material Handling Permit (Fire Bureau)



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