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Heavy Rescue Unit

Rescue 1 & 2 Photo
Rescue 1 and 2

Rescue 1 & Rescue 2

The Rescue Division has two 2007 Pierce Arrow XT Heavy-duty Rescue trucks in service that are available 24 hours a day. These units are staffed with a minimum of two paramedics at all times for any type of rescue that should arise in the City of Pittsburgh. Every paramedic in the City of Pittsburgh is trained in Basic Vehicle Rescue (BVR) and Basic Rescue Practices (BRP).

All assigned Rescue truck personnel are trained in Haz-Mat and are part of the City's Haz-Mat team. Along with Haz-Mat, Rescue Division personnel are trained in various other rescue courses and specialties. The Bureau's Rescue trucks perform all rescues in the City of Pittsburgh such as low-angle, high-angle, vehicle, confine space, trench, and people trapped in elevators. The City is broken up into two response districts for the rescue division. Rescue 1 (Unit 5201) handles all calls inside the Rivers from 11th Street in the Strip District to the eastern city boundaries. Rescue 2 (Unit 5202) covers downtown Pittsburgh and outside the three rivers. Responses for Rescue trucks range from a child locked in a vehicle, carbon monoxide alarms, vehicle accidents, a person trapped on a hillside to assisting ALS ambulances for medical back up. Pittsburgh Rescue trucks carry the same medical equipment as the medic units. Rescue trucks also carry a large variety of rescue equipment. They carry three pre-connected Hurst hydraulic rescue tools. A model 32B spreader, Maverick spreader and a model O cutter are connected off the back of the truck. Rescue 1 and Rescue 2 also have a 9000-watt 20-foot extendable light tower and a 35000-watt Onan PTO generator. Advanced Life Support gear includes a Philips MRx defibrillator, intubation equipment, intravenous needles and solutions and medications.

Inventory List for Rescue Trucks

Rescue 3 Mass-Casualty Unit Photo
Rescue 3

Rescue 3 Mass-Casualty Unit

This Rescue truck is a non-staffed truck that responds to Mass-Casualty incidents.  This vehicle is equipped with ten sets of Advanced Life Support gear with extra long back boards and other gear and equipment needed at a large incident. This unit is stationed at the EMS Base in the neighborhood of Shadyside.

Rescue 5

Rescue 5 Trench / Confined Space Rescue Unit

This unit is also a non-staffed truck that responds to any trench or confined space rescue incident. This unit has extra rescue gear and all equipment needed for a trench or confined space rescue.

Rescue 5 Equipment Inventory List
(Compiled by District Chief Norm Auvil)


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