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Shade Tree Commission FAQ  

Shade Tree Commission FAQ

Q.) What is a shade tree?
A.) Trees that are on a city-owned property not included in the parks

Q.) What are the primary duties of the Shade Tree Commission?
A.) - Establish policies that guide the overall community tree program.
       - Educate the public about the benefits of trees and proper tree care.
       - Obtain funding to support the community tree program

Q.) How do I get involved with the Shade Tree Commission?
A.) You can become a tree steward and help maintain the watering, weeding        and pruning of assigned trees.

Q.) What benefit is created by a tree?
A.) There are environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Q.) What department of the City has oversight of the Shade Tree

A.) The Shade Tree Commission is housed in the Mayor’s Office.

Q.)  Are there any neighborhoods which are actively involved with the
       Shade Tree Commission?

A.) Community organizations from Lawrenceville, Friendship and Carrick
       have been very active in forming partnerships in tree plantings.

Q.) Do shade trees have a positive effect or negative effect on business?
A.) Shade trees don’t have any negative effect on business.

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