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Parks Plan  

The City of Pittsburgh is fortunate to encompass an abundance of parklands and open space, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy many outdoor and recreational activities within their urban neighborhoods.  However, as public resources shrink and shift, we have taken a look at how our parks will continue to be managed and maintained in the coming years.

History of the Project

The Pittsburgh Regional Parks Master Plan was developed as a partnership between the City of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, citizens task force members and the private sector. The recommendations of the Plan were arrived at through a two-year public involvement proces, and represent a consensus of opinion around the core principals. Released in April of 2001, this plan is a "living document" that will guide, with continuing public input, the future maintenance and enhancement of Frick, Highland, Riverview and Schenley parks.

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You will need a copy of Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer to view or print these files, or a program that can read Microsoft PowerPoint files.  If you do not have a viewer, please download a copy free of charge from our server .  Also, these files are very image-intensive, so expect a long download if you are not on a T1 or faster line.

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