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Bicycling Plan  


The City's Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator is responsible for projects that advance the Mayor's bicycle/pedestrian initiatives (Four E's). These initiatives outline both short and long term goals to enhance the safety of the City's pedestrians and commuter and recreation cyclists as well as to serve as guidelines for the City to achieve Bicycle Friendly Status.

Upcoming Meetings

No Scheduled meetings at this time. Please check back for updates.

For more information on these meetings please call 412-393-0150 or e-mail

Citywide Bicycle Plan

The City of Pittsburgh has developed a Citywide Bicycle Plan. PDF File
This plan outlines a strategy for improving bicycling conditions in Pittsburgh, while raising the profile of bicycling as a mode of transportation.
Through strategic capital improvements, programming, and better
internal coordination of bicycling projects, bicycling will become safer,
more convenient, and more accessible to Pittsburghers in all reaches of the City. Printed copies of the plan are available upon request by calling (412) 255-2102.

Also available is a map of the City of Pittsburgh Bicycle Routing System. This map can also be purchased by calling the number above at a cost of $7.50. A copy of both the Bicycle Plan and the Bicycle Routing Map together cost $10.00. A printed copy of the Bicycle Plan alone costs $2.50.

Pittsburgh Bicycling Resources and Contacts

Pittsburgh Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Facilities Standards

Bicycle Facility GuidelinesPDF File

Bike Internship

The Department of City Planning provides a number of for credit/for experience unpaid internships for both graduate and undergraduate students. These internships are designed to be part time with flexible time frames so that students can combine them with a class or work schedule. They are available throughout the year.

City Bicycle Plan Implementation
The intern will (1) Investigate nonpublic funding sources for additional bicycle routing signage and develop a possible funding strategy; (2) work with bicycle safety groups to identify and publicize bicycle safety training; (3) identify and prioritize end parking locations in the City of Pittsburgh. This will include investigation of various funding sources (both public and private).

The intern must have experience working on community projects. They must be experienced in working with computers including Word and Excel. A solid background in computers and course in the use of ESRI/Arcview software.

Transportation Policy Development Support
(Not available in the Summer of 2005)
The Transportation Intern will be assigned to collect, tabulate, analyze, and map land use, transportation, and development-related data in support of ongoing transportation planning efforts. Such efforts include the state and local transportation projects and studies and include all modes. Specific assignments will vary depending upon the issues being addressed during the internship.

Requirements: The intern should be proficient in the tabulation and analysis of numbers as well as the graphing and mapping of information. Specifically, the intern should be familiar with: Word Processing (Word), Spreadsheet Analysis (Excel), Database (Access), and Mapping (MapInfo and/or Arcview).

Interested students should send a resume to:

Richard Meritzer
Department of City Planning
200 Ross Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Or e-mail a resume to:
Or call: (412) 255-2102

Request a Bicycle Rack

City Planning
200 Ross Street
Fourth Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 255-2200