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Dear Neighbors,Mayor quote

We all share a common desire to invest our time, talents, and resources towards making each of our 90 diverse neighborhoods the best it can be. There are many factors and tools that contribute to improving neighborhoods, from public safety to school quality to economic development. One of the most powerful tools for neighborhood transformation is community development practice, by recognizing and addressing the opportunities unique to each neighborhood. Housing development is one tool, but there are other tools available, such as greening strategies, stronger code enforcement, business district marketing and public safety improvements. The challenge of community development is to determine the opportunities and needs in each neighborhood and then effectively match resources and strategies, based on both data and community guidance.

Collecting and analyzing information is one component in understanding neighborhood opportunity. This website is designed to give you neighborhood-level information and to make your participation in community development easier. This website serves not only as a hub for data resources, but for your comments and questions and updates on future meetings. The website is a flexible, evolving tool for residents and community groups to use to improve our neighborhoods. Please let us know if there is more information that you feel would enhance the site or help you in your work.

Community guidance is another component of understanding neighborhoods. Again we need your help to make this process most effective. You are an expert in your neighborhood, with on-the-ground knowledge from living, working, and playing in your community. Meeting with resident experts like you is crucial to making sure we get our information right and use our limited resources effectively. We want neighbors to get involved in planning, with everyone having a fair opportunity to participate and to access information and technical help to inform decision-making about the future of your community.

We know that every neighborhood is starting from a different place, with different opportunities and challenges. Yet every single neighborhood can be improved through participation and access to information. Your involvement in this community development process, interacting through this website and participating in meetings, is the key to enhancing our neighborhood and making this process meaningful.


Thank you for the time, energy, and commitment you bring to our neighborhoods.


Mayor Luke Ravenstahl

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